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5FigureDay.com is a brand new online list and commission building system that is simply going to blow people away. 5FD is already PROVEN to work: The core of 5FD is based on our original system that has generated over 110,423 members in 11 months and over $2.00 per click for some affiliates...

...and the top affiliate of our original system made over $11,244 in just 30 days. Some of the $11,000 was monthly income, so he's been making money ever since. Here's a screenshot from the video he made about his earnings and success with the system (this a screenshot and not the video itself):

The member fee for 5FigureDay is $97 per month - automatic billing. As our free affiliate, you make 50% commissions on that amount... So after referring just 10 members through your affiliate link (found at the top of the page), you're making up to $485+ per month less merchant processing fees (automatically deducted)...

If you refer 100 members, you'll be making up to $4,850+ less merchant fees! And of course, you don't have to stop there. There's no limit to how many members you can refer.

You'll ALSO make an additional 50% commission every time somebody orders our $97 one time fee upsell package, offered immediately after the main member purchase, which means even more potential income above and beyond what's mentioned above!

This is a system you can BUILD and keep BUILDING into a potential full time income. Of course, that's just as an affiliate... The 5FigureDay membership offers the potential for the kind of money you see in the screenshot above (along with huge email list building potential and lots more), though obviously we can't legally guarantee you'll earn anything at all.

Our affiliate program is run through Clickbank.com, meaning that's who will be sending your commission checks or automatic bank deposits. So you're guaranteed to get paid on time, every time.

Click on a banner to see its code.

Hey you! Use these ads as is, chop them up to make them shorter, combine them to make them longer, or do whatever you want with them to promote 5FigureDay (they're pretty awesome ads, if I do say so myself)...

Please Note:
The 5FD traffic blueprint (including the following methods) applies to both 5FigureDay affiliates and members, and you will notice references to both...

Getting traffic is not the same for everyone. It depends on your budget! When I first started online I was making $10 an hour working in plastic fabrication. I also had a wife and kid. And yet, I still set aside a budget to promote my website and online business. That's how I started making an income online. The way I think of it, virtually every serious business in the world spends money to advertise. So why would online business be any different? Online business isn't magic. Just because we're all "online" doesn't mean marketing principles that have been proved for 100's of years fly out the window. Free advertising is great, and I'll show you free methods here as well. But they take more time... And the absolute biggest DEmotivator in my opinion is not seeing growing results within the first month or so...

So here's what I recommend. Figure out asap what you can afford to spend per month on running paid ads, like solo ads and banner ads (two of my favorites). Solo ads are awesome because you can run an ad and earn a string of commissions SAME DAY. Banner ads are cool because you run them on other peoples' websites, and they just "sit there" making you money as people click and order - total autopilot.

Maybe you can afford $50 a month. Maybe $100. Maybe $500. I dunno. But whatever the case, set it aside and be SMART about it. Don't just think any old ad will work. Spend your money wisely just like you'd spend it wisely anywhere else. Advertising online isn't magic. You still wanna test small and THEN "go big."

And if you don't have ANY ad budget at all right now, then skip to the FREE methods and be prepared to spend quite a bit more time advertising. Here's the thing: The reason paid ads cost money is because other people have ALREADY spent their own time building a list or getting regular daily traffic to their website. So they're able to charge you  a fee because they're sharing their traffic with you - the traffic that took them TIME to BUILD... So if you do free advertising only, you generally can't expect to get the same amount of traffic that they're getting. They've invested the time and done the work and built the traffic. So with free advertising, you need to put in the time as well.

(...And that right there, is basically THE thing that separates the 6 and 7 figure earners from the failures online. There are people who want instant cash online, and chase after shiny objects and all the latest launches one after another thinking they'll get it. And then, there are people who work to BUILD cash that eventually comes in on autopilot. Which group do you think succeeds? ;)

So what I recommend especially in the case of free traffic, is deciding asap how much TIME you have to set aside daily or weekly. Plan it out and schedule it. When it's time to do your free advertising whether writing and submitting articles, or making YouTube videos, or participating in forum marketing, or writing for your own blog, or other, grab a snack...flip on the tv...and have fun with it!

Above all, don't forget that if you're a 5FigureDay MEMBER, the traffic you gain directly is going to "transform" into RESIDUAL traffic as the people you refer start promoting THEIR 5FigureDay website(s). It's like having your own army of affiliates promoting your list and products for FREE - that's what makes 5FigureDay so powerful! So whatever you do, don't quit!! This is THE system, and I mean THE system you do not want to let go of in favor of the next "too good to be true" thing that comes your way. This system ROCKS. It's already well proven to work. And you're gonna totally be missing out if you don't take this seriously. Do whatever it takes to STAY MOTIVATED!

My ad swap strategy applies to those who have their own email list or list building website... If and when you become a member of 5FigureDay, one of the benefits is that you're able to quickly generate your own private cash-on-demand email list (using the system). And so, what I recommend doing is using PAID ads to build your list to at least 200-300 subscribers ASAP. THAT way, you can start doing free ad swaps with other email list owners!  In other words, you're using paid ads as the absolute fastest path to being able to do free ad swaps after you've built your own email list up to 200-300 subscribers.  Once you have a modest email list, you can start getting virtually unlimited traffic through the FREE ad swaps. (Though, I'd definitely still recommend you keep running paid ads if at all possible.)

Refer to my ad swap resources below for more info, once you're ready to start doing email/ad swaps!

Charlie Page is a great guy - you can't help but love him - and also a very smart marketer... His Directory Of Ezines is a premium service for people who want to run solo ads, but a wise investment that can pay dividends for months and YEARS to come...

You can click the Direct Of Ezines graphic below to watch Charlie's presentation and learn all about what's in store for you when you become a member. One of my favorite aspects is the directory itself - a directory of email list owners that will run YOUR email "solo ad" to their list of subscribers for a fee.

So essentially, it's like you're renting their list for a day. You schedule a day and time, and they'll blast your ad out to every single person on their email list at once. It could be thousands, or even tens of thousands of people on a given list, so you can get a ton of traffic really fast this way...

Just be careful. You don't wanna get too excited, and buy a "solo ad" to some massive list for say, $600 bucks and then be out that money if the list doesn't perform well. You can find and run ads for as little as $10, and start SMALL. Test the waters and see how it goes. You could even contact one of the bigger lists and see if they'll send out to a PORTION of their list for you, for a much smaller fee. That can be a really good trick for finding out how well the WHOLE list will convert (if they are willing to let you send to a portion first - some will and some won't).

Also, Charlie himself runs ads to some of the online newsletters in the directory, and then reports how they did! So you can use that as a gauge to sort of feel things out, and then make a more informed decision from there.

Another option is to run cheaper "Top Sponsor Ads," which are basically classified style ads that are sent out within an article - or something similar that the list owner is sending to subscribers. This differs from a solo ad in that solos are sent out with no other content...JUST the ad itself is sent out. Solo ads are more expensive than top sponsor ads, obviously.

Another thing I recommend before paying for a solo (or any kind of traffic, for that matter) is to get references. Find out how well other advertisers' email ads have done, what type of product they were promoting, etc.

You should also ask list owners if they've run ads for the same product that you're promoting to their list, in the recent past. It's just common sense stuff... If "Bob" just ran an ad for 5FigureDay to "Jack's" online newsletter, some of Jack's subscribers have already seen it, meaning you'd be better off coming back a few months later, and meanwhile running your ad to a different email list altogether.

And lastly, you can often BARGAIN for good deals, such as double mailings (on two separate days), etc. Just by asking, I've received as much as a 50% discount! The worst they can say is "no," and you've risked absolutely nothing. PLUS, if they say no, you can send them an email virus to wipe out their harddrive! (...Only kidding, lol!)

If somehow you missed it or skipped past it, you'll find email swipes (email promos) above that you can use for promoting 5FigureDay through solo ads. You'll also find ad copy that you can use for top sponsor ads - you can chop 'em up, mix and match, or do whatever you want there. But with the solo ads specifically, they are "copy and paste ready"... Just insert your 5FigureDay website link or affiliate link where indicated, and you're good to go!

I think you'd be hard pressed to ever run out of lists and places to advertise your site as a member of the Directory Of Ezines... Again, it's an investment, but a rock solid one if you're serious about making money online!

Click this graphic to watch the video and GET INSIDE:

Here are some FREE places to find solo ads that also come highly recommended (though not on par with the Directory Of Ezines)... As I write this, the 5FigureDay system is brand new... But again, still be sure to ask the list owner (of any email list you're considering running an ad to) if they've "recently run any ads for 5FigureDay" before you buy...

Reed Floren's Solo Ezine Directory

Find Many Solo Ad Offers In The JV Section Of WarriorForum.com

Google Results For 'Solo Ads'

Formidable Marketer Solo Ads

HOT: Here's a $10 download available from Paul Nicholl's that includes 14 recommended email lists to run solo ads to. I bought this manual and do recommend it: Click Here.

In addition to checking out the solo resources I've listed, you should work on finding your OWN solo ad resources as well. That way, we won't have dozens of members going to all the same sources... Do some digging on Google and on the WarriorForum in the JV section to find new solo ad opportunities that nobody else has used. Good solo ad deals and opportunities are always out there, just like they are with banner ad spots...

If you're looking for a "starter list" of websites that accept banner ads (like those we've provided for you above) I've got you covered...

Click here to download my Banner Ad Directory 150!

...I created this directory last year, so I'm sure some of the links are dead. But you'll still find plenty of banner advertising opportunities to get you started. You can also Google "internet marketing + advertise with us" and do similar searches to find endless blogs and sites willing to place your banner ads...  I've got a ton of tips inside the banner ad directory, so be sure to download it now! Again, banner advertising is AWESOME because you can often "set it and forget it"... It takes some time up front to find good deals on high traffic sites, but once you've found the right deal and your banner has been placed, you're on autopilot.

One other thing... Lots of website owners don't even consider the space they have - where they could be placing banner ads for a fee. You can totally take advantage of this. For example, a popular Internet marketing related site might be willing to place your banner ad for 5Figureday inside their member area, or on their product download page, where active paying members and customers are coming and going every day... So it's the PERFECT market, and there's a great chance you could swing a really good deal since such website owners often aren't focused on making money from placing banner ads (they're instead focused on selling their featured product(s))... I've found some awesome deals with way - it works! ...People CLICK your banner. And they either join your list, or order, or do both. Again, it takes some digging to find the right deals and the right sites, but it's WORTH IT...

Personally, I'd especially look for new-launching sites (click here) where you know they'll be getting a ton of traffic soon. Or check Alexa.com for high ranking "online marketing" or "make money" related sites. And then, find pages or areas on these sites where space isn't being utilized, and where your banner could easily be placed. (Or for example just ask if you can get your banner placed in the member area or on the download page.) Email the site owner with what YOU are willing to pay for a permanent placement on their page. Attach the banner you want them to place, and make it as EASY as possible on their end. Once again, the worst you can get is a "no." Who cares? ...Just up the amount you're willing to pay if you think it's worth it, or move on to another website.

If you've built an email list of at least several hundred subscribers, you can begin doing FREE ad swaps with other email list owners - as mentioned earlier.

You can easily find fellow list owners through the resouces provided just below, and contact them to propose an ad swap. The way ad swaps work is dead simple: You send their email ad to your list, and they send your ad (for 5FigureDay) to their list.

This is one of the reasons why building your own list is so hugely valuable!

Of course, you can use any one of the email swipes (above) when doing ad swaps.

When initiating an ad swap with somebody, here's a little template letter that you might find useful - especially in forums, etc...

I recommend that you not do more than 2 or max 3 swaps per week to your email list. And make sure to choose quality offers that your subscribers can benefit from. You can always politely turn down an ad swap if you don't like the offer you're being asked to send out. ...Or you can do it rudely by telling them to take a hike! ...Lol, go the polite route.

So why just 2-3 swaps max per week? It actually works out perfectly that way, because you can reserve the other days for PAID offers and promos of your own. I recommend running paid promos on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Sunday. Your ad swaps can run on Monday, Friday, and Saturday. On Thursdays you might wanna send your own free offer to your list - something personal to build a better relationship with your subscribers.

Here are some ad swap resources to get you started, but remember there's more if you search Google, search Internet marketing forums, etc...

Posting videos to YouTube.com is a proven way to get endless free traffic, but does take dedication since you want to BUILD your YouTube "channel" to get subscribers and regular people viewing your videos. Some people think they can post a video and just sit back while it goes viral. But that's the EXCEPTION and not the rule. It takes a pretty special video to go viral (in most cases).

The "tried and true" method to getting video traffic is submitting consistent videos day by day or week by week, and in that way, building your channel over time as mentioned. With each video, provided you encourage people to subscribe to your channel, you'll get more subscribers... And then with each ensuing video release, you'll have that many more people that will see your latest video uploads. So ultimately you build views, comments, and TRAFFIC.

The problem is (or can be) creating the videos! However, VideoGoRound solves the problem by enabling you to convert simple TEXT, into VIDEO...

And do it lightning fast, literally with a few clicks.

...And not just any video, but a video with a virtual character that speaks your text, so that you don't have to sit in front of a web cam and make a fool of yourself like me (hah!).

You can promote 5FigureDay directly in the videos that you generate. But you can only do so many videos like that, obviously. So the majority of the time you'll want to generate videos that contain some sort of marketing content (simple, short tips work great)...and then direct viewers to click your link - which you can put within the video using YouTube editing features, and also underneath the video in the YouTube description box.

So... If you want a super easy, HIGH TECH way to spit out video after video to promote 5FigureDay, grab a membership to VideoGoRound and see for yourself how dead simple it is. Click this image:

Obviously, you can also do videos with Windows Movie Maker or a similar free video software that comes with whatever kind of computer or tablet you own. If you don't mind being in front of a camera, you can obviously do web cam videos where for example you could review 5FigureDay, provide marketing tips and mention 5FigureDay at the end of each video, give updates of your success with 5FigureDay, etc.

The following two methods, along with video marketing and forum marketing, get my vote for the TOP FOUR free online marketing methods (though paid ads will still blow them away as far as fast results).

You can pretty much count on getting some fairly easy free traffic by writing and submitting short articles to
EzineArticles.com and other popular online article directories. If you've got a small budget, you can have a ghostwriter write articles FOR you, for $3-5 a piece. Search the WarriorForum.com for 'article writing' and similar keywords, to find CHEAP writers that come highly recommended.

...If you're a member of VideoGoRound.com, don't forget that you can convert your articles (or article portions) to video (to submit to YouTube.com), almost instantly.

I also highly recommend creating your own blog. If you're writing articles, or having articles written, post some of them to your blog - and do it regularly. Keep them focused on Internet marketing and making money online (or tightly related topics). You can learn the basics of optimizing your blog for the search engines, on Google and YouTube. One of the keys aside from a steady flow of unique keyword rich articles, is getting other blogs and websites to link back to YOUR blog. This is called "backlinking." You can pay for backlinks from a backlinking service, or, offer an incentive to have blog and website owners link to your blog. Get creative! But also remember that the best incentive to backlink is awesome content! Meaning, if you have great content, you'll have people linking from their site to yours as a reference, etc. There are a lot of advanced SEO strategies that can maximize free traffic to your blog. But even simply focusing on quality content and quality links back to your site will get you guaranteed traffic that will build over time.

From the very beginning, even within or after your first blog post, you can begin promoting 5FigureDay to your visitors. You can also place banner ads (provided above) for 5FigureDay on your blog in spots where they're sure to get noticed - such as "above the fold" where people don't have to scroll down to see the ad.

Fiverr is a website where people offer a wide variety of products and services for $5 each. What you're interested here, of course, is exposure and traffic. So for example, you'd want to search Fiverr.com for sellers offering tweets to their Twitter follows... Or updates to their Facebook profile with thousands of friends... Or ads placed on Facebook fan pages with thousands of fans... And similar traffic related offers.

What you want to make sure to do is look at the feedback of a given Fiverr seller, before buying. Yes, it's just $5, but you still want to make it count. So also do your best to look for targeted advertising - even if loosely targeted - meaning those who would be interested in making money online. You're not going to get much action if, for example, you have a tweet about 5FigureDay sent to a following of Smurf doll collectors! ;)

Following are some Fiverr search results links with advertising offers that might be of interest to you, but I'm sure you'll want to do your own searches as well...

Fiverr Search On Keyword 'Tweet'

Fiverr Search On Keyword 'Fanpage'

Fiverr 'Social Marketing' Category

Also note that in general, the kind of traffic you get on Fiverr is not gonna be comparable to the quality you can get through solo ads and banner ads, etc. - because the latter traffic is gonna be much more targeted to a specific audience (in our case people looking to make money online). I say this because I don't want you to run a couple ads on Fiverr.com, and then totally give up if they don't work. I've made sales on Fiverr.com. But I have also had ads totally bomb. This is the way it is with all advertising, which is why testing is important, but it's all the more true on Fiverr simply because of the nature of the service.

Forum marketing involves participating in forums by asking questions or offering advice - just participating in a forum how you normally would...but then in the process promoting your offer in your forum "signature file"
(which is a little ad or bit of info. that the forum allows you to display at the bottom of all your forum posts - automatically)... Go to any forum that allow signature files - such as WarriorForum.com - and you'll see what I'm talking about.

The key here is to participate in popular Internet marketing forums. You can do a Google search on "popular Internet marketing forums" or "top 10 Internet marketing forums" to find high traffic forums.

Some forums (such as WarriorForum.com) only allow you to link to domains or websites that you own personally, so you may not be allowed to promote 5FigureDay directly in your signature file on some forums.
A simple solution is to use a free Facebook page, or a blog, and then link to either one of those in your forum signature file.
Ask a forum admin or moderator if they allow signature file links to FB pages and/or blogs; always as first, if you're not sure.

Once your signature file is set up on a given forum, you are ready to start participating (note that some forums require you to participate for a short time before they allow you to create a signature file). Remember as you begin to participate that making useless, quick posts is is equivalent to spamming the forum. So you'll want to avoid that sort of thing altogether. You need to contribute to the forum and take care in doing so. Here's the thing - it doesn't pay off to make "spammy" type posts anyhow, since people won't pay attention to you if you're not providing value (meaning they aren't going to click your signature file link to visit your page)...

A good forum marketing strategy is to browse the forum to see what people are interested in and talking about. Find out what they value, in other words. Look at what types of threads people find value in, based on how many views and comments are in each thread, etc., and go from there.

Not only can forum marketing produce instant, same day traffic... You can also get LONG term traffic as the forum threads you create or participate in are indexed by Google and other search engines. Pretty cool.

You may or may not be able to promote 5FigureDay directly through ads.facebook.com (Facebook Ads) - they can be picky about offers related to making money online (those nerds, lol)...

But you could easily set up a free Facebook page, post YouTube videos or other content related to Internet marketing to your page, and then advertise the page with Facebook Ads. They're not nearly as picky if you're promoting one of "their" pages... You'll obviously want to have several prominent ads and links to 5FigureDay on your page, since that's the whole point. Reviews and testimonials for 5FigureDay would also be good. Basically, your page should be set up so that "all roads" lead to clicking on your 5FigureDay link.

If you don't know how to create the type of Facebook page that you want, you should be able to find help on Fiverr.com to get a page set up for you - for just $5. Keep in mind that you can even do a sketch on paper of how you want your page laid out, and then take a web cam pic of it. Message the Fiverr seller you're considering working with through your own (free) Fiverr.com account, to make sure they can do exactly what you want. If they can't do the job, go spend your $5 on candybars or fig newtons and enjoy life, lol. But seriously, Odesk.com is another good option for finding somebody to create a Facebook page for you, and for a very low fee.

Participate on Facebook pages (or in FB groups) related to Internet marketing and making money online. Note that I said participate...meaning hit and run advertising or spam of any kind is not allowed. Just as with forum marketing, you want to contribute useful information or insight into discussions going on, and then when the time feels right, mention the 5FigureDay system.

Of course, you can get some instant, dead easy exposure for your 5FigureDay link by posting updates to your personal Facebook page - any time you want. Let your friends and/or fans know about 5FigureDay, and let them know often... As in, non stop... Don't ever let them rest. ...Only kidding. Be reasonable of course. But if you're a member, for example, it doesn't hurt to "brag up" 5FigureDay several times a week to update people on how the system is working for you.

On Twitter, you can follow people involved with Internet marketing, affiliate marketing, online income, etc., and in doing so, get a list of your OWN Twitter followers - since many people that you follow will follow you right back. It's very easy to build Twitter accounts with 1,000+ followers, at which point (and along the way) you can post tweets promoting your 5FigureDay link.

WarriorForum.com (the # 1 Internet marketing forum for many years running) has a really cool classified ad section where you can promote pretty much anything, for just $20. It appears just as it would a forum post and gets bumped down as other ads are listed. So usually your ad will stay on the front page for a period of days, and will bring you some decent clicks if you use a good curiosity provoking title and message body. Once again, you can use the 5FigureDay email swipes and/or banners above for this purpose.

When you become a 5FigureDay Unleashed (paid) member, what you'll be doing is giving away 5FD free version websites to your visitors, from which you'll then receive FREE, AUTOPILOT leads and commisssions via our exclusive "traffic forwarding" software and marketing funnel built into each site. ...All of this is accomplished simply by promoting your own high tech 5FD website(s). Obviously, the more free version websites you give away, the better. (And who doesn't want a valuable free gift?) All autopilot leads and commissions earned via the free version websites that you give away are in addition to what you'll make directly through your own 5FigureDay Unleashed and Reloaded websites, and their built in profit funnels.

So if you're not yet a member, join NOW!

...Otherwise, you're missing out on virtually endless potential leads and commissions. And I say "potential" because I want to be honest with you. I can't legally guarantee you'll get a single lead or commission. If I were like so many other marketers, I'd be guaranteeing you "x" amount of money with zero work. That's BOGUS! I don't know how so many fall for the hype, and the "shiny objects." But obviously, I believe you'll do EXTREMELY well with 5FigureDay if you're willing to work at it. My original system - which 5FigureDay is based on - received some of the absolute BEST REVIEWS that the WarriorForum (the web's #1 Internet marketing forum) has ever seen. And 5FigureDay is exponentially better than my original system, with major new list and income building components built in - such as NEW viral websites each month, the potential for ongoing residual leads and commissions on autopilot, and much more...

I won't go over all the benefits of becoming a 5FigureDay Unleashed member here. It's all in the main video where I share my very personal story of going from divorce and $5,000 per month in alimony and child support payments, to being saved by "the system." ...Don't miss out if you haven't seen it!  

Thank you very much for your support, and it's great to have you on the 5FD team!

-Bryan Winters